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The event platform that drives engagement

Support attendees & exhibitors throughout their entire event journey

Custom-built to your event with over 150 features available, Unify empowers attendees & exhibitors to prepare for your event, discover new products, identify business opportunities, plan experiences that match their needs, connect with the right people, and achieve their desired goals.

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Everyone under one extended roof

Provide an experience that convinces everyone to return again and again. Unify delivers the best of both onsite & online worlds: exhibitors and attendees alike can identify opportunities, network and book appointments long before events begin—ensuring everyone is fully prepared to engage with each other like never before, no matter where they are.

  • Discover new products and solutions

  • Connect with current suppliers

  • Generate and qualify leads

  • Manage appointments

  • Watch sessions & participate in breakout sessions

  • Receive personalized recommendations

  • AI-powered matchmaking & recommendations

  • Interact via group messaging and video calls

  • Vote and voice opinions

Expand your reach & increase revenue

Reach new attendees and increase loyalty by removing barriers to attendance.

Unify makes it easy to open your events to the world and expand your reach—allowing more participants to attend, interact and do business on your event platform.

  • Remove barriers to attendance

  • Grow local and international audience

  • Grow local and international exhibitors base

  • Develop and foster participant & increase exhibitor loyalty

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Success by design

Our extensive experience working year after year with many of the world's largest has equipped us with an intimate understanding of the exhibitor and attendee journeys, revealing to us what they need to succeed. Unify features an innovative tool-set designed to ensure quality engagement and revenue generation.

  • Optimized for teams and collaboration

  • Appointments management

  • Advanced messaging

  • Video conferencing

  • CRM module for exhibitors

  • Classification by channels & tags

  • Interactive, live & on-demand content

  • Session moderation

  • Q&A, live polling, and surveys

  • Discussion groups

  • Interactive poster sessions

  • Surveys & micropolls

  • Global activity dashboards

A unique suite
of solutions

Unify is part of a Sherpa’s unique suite of solutions, that together uniquely contribute to the success of exhibitors and attendees throughout their journeys. Discover:

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