Indoor positioning system

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Unmatched accuracy since 2014

Launched in 2014, Pinpoint is the only indoor-positioning system that can be easily deployed in extra-large meeting venues. It boasts an unmatched accuracy within 6 feet (2m), and works seamlessly across multiple floors and buildings.

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Accurate up to 6 feet (2m)

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No connectivity required

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Indoor / outdoor

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Proximity notifications

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Design smarter, science-based floor plans

Pinpoint is your key to designing optimal floor plans based
on solid data and science.

Pinpoint generates the metrics needed to design smart floor plans that yield maximum results by recording the movement, flow, and behavior of participants every few seconds.

Pinpoint's real-time dashboards provides invaluable
insights to help you:

  • Create a more productive business environment

  • Identify the heaviest traffic areas

  • Better manage traffic flow and eliminate bottlenecks

  • Improve compliance with local Health & Safety Regulations

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Implement dynamic
pricing strategies

Increasing booth space revenue is undoubtedly at the top of your priorities. Equipped with Pinpoint's data, the Sherpa Lab team will help you implement winning dynamic pricing strategies and:

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Increase revenue
per square foot

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Increase sellable
booth space

Multi-device analytics

Predict traffic flows
and forecast revenue

Give everyone
a personal GPS

So much to do, so little time

Large, unfamiliar meeting spaces often feel overwhelming and intimidating when everyone’s time is at a premium and the agenda is packed.

Combined with Nomad’s interactive map, Pinpoint enable users to easily find their way around any location, discover and meet exhibitors, and make valuable connections. No more getting lost!

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Proximity notifications

Text-based push notifications are sent to users
as they enter or exit a specific area.

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Design smarter floor plans with Pinpoint

A unique suite
of solutions

Pinpoint is part of a Sherpa’s complete suite of solutions, that together uniquely contribute to the success of exhibitors and attendees throughout their journeys. Discover: